Alison Jesson

Alison Jesson

My second novel, Holding the Threads is about my mother's side of my family. In 1904 my grandparents went to Peru to work as missionaries. Using their medical skills, their mission was to convert the native Indian population from the corruption and oppression of the Catholic Church. The novel is written as a memoir based on true events. It follows Beatrice through both good times and bad, in a life-time of self-discovery.
It also explores our sense of belonging and the connections we make with the past, the present, and future generations.
My first novel, The Mind’s Garden,was based on the journal and letters my father wrote and received from his mother during the war while he was a POW. My father developed a way of coping and an attitude of mind which was inspirational to those with whom he was imprisoned. All 500 copies are now sold!

Holding the Threads