Matt Starr

1969. Man landed on the moon, The Beatles walked across Abbey Road and Matthew J. Starr was born in Burton upon Trent, on the 29th October. Matt grew up in Newton Regis, a small village in North Warwickshire, living under the roof of a traditional Public House and having a bedroom over the top of a juke box, which was situated in the bar area below. This is where he may well of gained his love of music and given him the passion of wanting to play a musical instrument.
Matt attended senior school in Polesworth (North Warwickshire), of which he left in 1986 to study at Nuneaton College. From there, Matt came away with an 'O' level in English, a BTEC in business studies and a guitar on his back.
He currently still lives and works within the same area and has been a member of a popular local band, playing music for over 20 years now, which he believes has inspired his love of rhythm and creative writing.