T2 Non-Fiction


Troubador publishes a small number of books each year under its t-2 imprint. t-2 books not only have to impress us, but they need to stand a good chance of commercial success in a crowded market. If we’re convinced a book has a good chance of critical and / or commercial success, t-2 may be the imprint.

Non-fiction books can include subjects as diverse as self-help, mind-body-spirit, academic, specialist manuals, local histories, subject history, textbooks, and many others. If you’re working in a specialist field, and can bring that knowledge along with your manuscript, all the better.

We currently do not publish fiction, poetry or drama under the t-2 imprint.
The titles we publish under our t-2 imprint are treated no differently from our own (or other publishers’) commercially produced titles. We will assign an editor to a t-2 author to work together to get the manuscript into the best possible shape for publication. This may include requests for re-writing or extensive editing, and the publisher’s decision on design is final. Having said that, we aim to work with our authors in bringing their manuscripts to publication.

Under t-2, we may pay an author royalties on copies sold of up to 15%, as in conventional publishing, or we may ask for a subvention towards the costs of printing, ranging from 25% to 50% of the costs involved, and then split profits from sales. Each project is different, and we are open to negotiation with authors on the ins and outs of how publication is carried out.


In the initial instance, we accept full manuscript submissions via email onlyfor t-2; because of the volume of manuscripts we are asked to consider for t-2, we cannot return manuscripts via regular mail. Alternatively, authors can submit a sample of their book to us in hard copy, along with a full synopsis. Please enclose an SAE if you wish this to be returned. Should we wish to see the complete manuscript we shall ask you to send it.

Decision on publication

We usually try to assess a manuscript’s suitability for publication as a t-2 title within two weeks. Should we need to obtain a specialist’s report, this may take longer.

The emphasis here is on a Partnership; both parties have to be happy with every stage of the publication process, so we work very closely with our Partnership authors to ensure complete satisfaction. Partnership Publishing is a mutually beneficial arrangement.

Contact Us!

If you are interested in Partnership Publishing, please call the Publisher, Jeremy Thompson, to discuss your book.

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