Published: 01/09/2009
ISBN: 9780956307309
eISBN: 9780956307316
Format: Paperback/eBook

"a neat compilaiton of inspirational advice, poems and quotations"

‘It was Alister Hardy's contention that Religious Experiences (...) represent a higher level of consciousness available to us all. From his zoologist's perspective he also saw an increased human engagement with such experiences as part of mankind's evolutionary journey. This book is positive proof on both counts. Sub-titled an autobiography of spiritual growth, it tells of the deep and personal discoveries of one woman's quest for a deeper meaning to life.’ De Numine Magazine of the Alister Hardy Society, Autumn 2010 more

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For over 25 years, Patricia Finn has been a company executive director for a small successful company, working in communication technologies, based in Cambridgeshire, UK. Her role embraces many diffe... read more

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Divine Realisation
One Soul's Journey
by Patricia Mary Finn

This is a remarkable book; it is a spiritual autobiography in the form of a personal history, a literate account of a journey of self-discovery from vivid early memories to the gradual awareness of the meaning of life itself and the existence of a Higher Power. Its purpose is to convey an inside, intimate picture of something we may not have been well informed of before reading it, to convey a new perspective or else to remind one of something familiar. We travel with the author on her journey and, at the end, our perceptions are widened and we feel ourselves enriched.

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"I found Divine Realisation easy to read and could relate to everything in the book. I found myself agreeing with the author on every page, the power of the book has inspired me and if everyone lived their lives in the ways expressed, the world would be a better place.
Helen Keogh, Australia

I couldn't put this book down as it put into words a lot of what I think and believe. It's good to have re-enforcement of truths and values you come to understand as you age and grow.
Margaret Collins, USA

I find this book fascinating and have read it four times, I will read it again as it has brought me peace of mind. Margaret Graham-Clare, UK
(February 2010)

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