Published: 04/01/2010
eISBN: 9781848769014
Format: eBook

"a cracking read"
Catalyst - magazine of Cheshire Police

"Excellent stuff… It neatly combines some fascinating revelations about police work with hilarity and poignancy. I raced through it."
Tom Morton, BBC Radio Scotland

"If it was written as fiction it would be entertaining - the fact it is true makes it a real page-turner."
Rob Jerrard, Internet Law Book Reviews more

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Tom Ratcliffe - he is an ordinary, 51 year old married man with two children, numerous pets, some motorbikes and is generally quite conventional. However, he spent the almost 30 years as a Policeman b... read more

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Prisoners, Property and Prostitutes
and other things beginning with ‘P’
by Tom Ratcliffe

More by accident than judgement and utterly unprepared, Tom Ratcliffe embarks on a career as a Police Officer. Within weeks of joining he is dealing with some very unsavoury and untrustworthy characters – and that was just his fellow officers.

Alongside his own story he introduces colleagues and their experiences with enormous humour and compassion. A born storyteller, he paints a glorious portrait of aspects of life and humanity which lie hidden from mainstream society.

Tom shares story after story with the reader as his career moves along, resulting in an original, entertaining and poignant social commentary. He considers life seen alternately from inside and outside the Police, allowing the reader to stand alongside the author in some parts, and look in at a safe distance from the ‘normal’ world in others.

Prisoners, Property and Prostitutes makes the reader sit up and look around them, amazed at what is going on just beneath the surface of ‘normal’ society. If ‘man is an animal’, then while some of those animals may be in the Police, the rest could well be sitting next to you on the bus, serving you in a shop, or even in your own family.

Readers from every walk of life will find this book amusing, fascinating and moving as they either nod sagely in agreement, throw their hands up in horror, or laugh helplessly out loud as Tom’s story unfolds. Read this and you will never look at your fellow human beings in the same light again.

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Tom Ratcliffe will be appearing in a new TV programme called 'Bizarre Crime', to be broadcast on BBC3 towards the end of this year.

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