Published: 01/09/2009
ISBN: 9781848761704
Format: Paperback

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A Measure of Wheat for a Penny
by Ron Clooney

If you had something valuable and lost it - what would you risk to retrieve it? Would you - lie for it? Kill for it? Even dice with death for it? Or simply sit and cry over it? Some things are worth a sacrifice - the skill is knowing that someday you might have to choose. The nerve - knowing that you might lose.

The hunt for mastermind and lethal beauty Alice Parsotti is on. Months of tracking, searching, watching and listening are about to pay off and Alex Blondell is now ready. Ready to follow her down any rabbit hole into which she may run. But there are other forces at work too, darker, stronger, malevolent forces. Forces that have their talons in family histories and roots in hidden political prophecies. There are some things which cannot be ignored, and blood is thicker than water.

The recovery of the missing Romanov jewels stolen from the Banko Rolo in Florence is about to unfold in a tale of death and destruction, double dealing and dark demonic deception.

Alice is back and this time it's not Wonderland she's in.

Following the sensational success of Pancardi's Pride (the first novel by Ron Clooney) he asks us to step onto his roller-coaster ride once again. Hold onto your hat and sanity as this tale twists your imagination and stomach into knots.

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