Published: 01/03/2009
ISBN: 9781848760578
Format: Paperback

"Essential reading for anyone who cares about dolphins, the oceans they live in and this planet we share"
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Leah Lemieux has lectured, written and worked on dolphin protection, education and conservation issues for twenty years collaborating with individuals and NGOs from a number of countries including The... read more

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Rekindling the Waters
The Truth About Swimming with Dolphins
by Leah Lemieux

Dolphins have become one of the ocean’s most sought-after creatures. Since antiquity, dolphins have possessed an undeniable, mysterious and compelling allure for humankind, which in recent years has intensified, inspiring everything from New Age fervour, to multi-million dollar theme parks.

In our profit-driven age, suppliers are never far behind demand and having discovered people will eagerly pay exorbitant sums for the opportunity to get close, lucrative captive “dolphin-swim” attractions have sprung up in many tropical vacation destinations.

A recent BBC poll found “Swimming with Dolphins” topping the list of “50 Things To Do Before You Die.” Rekindling the Waters: The Truth About Swimming with Dolphins is an intimate expose of this popular phenomenon, illuminating the little known dark side of this increasingly controversial activity. What really lies behind the dolphins’ smile may surprise you. Dolphins are one of the world’s most beloved and beleaguered creatures and in taking a closer look, the shocking truth reveals how a whimsical or well-earned holiday excursion to swim with captive dolphins can support horrendous suffering.

An examination of the latest scientific research regarding dolphin behaviour, intelligence, self-awareness and culture is presented, and this rich and diverse evidence raises dynamic ethical questions, eliciting a call for change in the way we regard and treat our fellow beings.

Hope lies in shifting the underlying attitudes responsible for our participation in such harmful activities. As people realize the detrimental reality, it is hoped these harmful activities will cease.

Rekindling the Waters: The Truth About Swimming with Dolphins is essential reading for anyone who loves dolphins. With Dolphins as a symbol for Nature, this book shows us that by rekindling a wiser and more respectful relationship with them, we take a vital step toward a better, kinder world.

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Rekindling the Waters--spring tour 2010!

Leah will be touring again with her book and the Academy Award winning film THE COVE this spring in Devon, Cornwall, Scotland and Ireland.
*May 26th, PZ Gallery, Penzance, Cornwall, 7pm.

*March 27th, Cliff House, Salcombe Devonshire 7pm
*April 9th, Town Hall, Glastonbury Somerset 7pm.
*April 13th The Birdwood House, Totnes, Devonshire 7pm
*April 22nd Falmouth College, The Poly Cinema, 24 Church st. Cornwall 7:30pm.
*April 23rd, Plymouth University, Jill Craigie Cinema, Roland Levinsky Building, Plymouth Devon 6:30pm
*May 4th, The Woodend Barn Art Centre, Banchory, Aberdeeshire Scotland 7pm
*May 8th, Whale & Dolphin Conservation society Wildlife Centre, Spey Bay, Moray, Scotland 2pm.
*May 8th, Universal Hall, Findhorn Foundation, Scotland, 7:30pm

Humane Society International
(December 2009)

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