Published: 01/12/2008
ISBN: 9781848760363
eISBN: 9781783066230
Format: Paperback/eBook

" entirely suitable starting point for understanding the restricted lives experienced by most women"

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I used to teach children with special needs, but after fifteen years I decided to take a change in direction. Already having a keen interest in literature I then decided to take up two short courses a... read more

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A Voice of Discontent
A Woman's Journey Through the Long Eighteenth Century
by Jennifer C. Kelsey

Sometimes amusing, sometimes shocking, frequently thought-provoking, this book provides a fascinating series of revelations, that will not only add to your knowledge of women's history, but will also enable you to have a greater understanding of female characters in any literary classics you read or see.

Written particularly for the general reader, it shows how some women writers in the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries voiced their discontent with the limited role they were expected to play in society, and the sometimes radical suggestions they were to make for the future. From early childhood experiences to the loneliness of old age, females of all ages, and all classes were to face the same prejudice because of their sex.

Why don't you step into their shoes for a little while, share their experiences, listen to their arguments, and see whether or not you think they were justified in raising A Voice of Discontent.

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I have recently been asked to write an article on women writers in the 18th and early 19th centuries, for the new women's magazine Herstoria. This can be seen on their website - follow the link..

Women's History Magazine
Spring 2010

(Autumn 2009)

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