Published: 04/07/2008
ISBN: 9781906510596
eISBN: 9781848768871
Format: Paperback/eBook

"The funniest book I've read in the last 24 hours"
Toby Young

"A funny, feel-good book"
Soldier Magazine

"Bill Bryson with a bayonet"
OLife Magazine

"If you had primed Bill Bryson with a couple of helpings of magic mushrooms you wouldn't have come up with anything half so funny as John Donoghue's marvellously funny meanderings along the highways and byways of Britain... It's a fun book - even for those without a sense of humour - and will have you laughing out loud."
- Northern Echo more

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John Donoghue has written four books. Shakespeare My Butt! is the tale of his military service on land and sea, how he played Moses to the dog world with 'The Ten Commandments of Dog' and finally,... read more

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Shakespeare My Butt!
'Marsupial Elvis' to 'No Place' ... ramblings, meanderings, digressions ... and a dog
by John Donoghue

Confessions of a man with too much time on his hands!

A charming tale of a year in the life of a serial 'pointless project' addict. Written with warmth and depth, interspersed with humorous childhood memories, witty recollections of military service and unorthodox observations on life.

Ramble, meander and digress away, discovering non-barking dogs, the secret of excess and places that don't exist.

Humiliate ants, get annoyed at goldfish and take up the noble sport of matlepiecing.

Go back in time, enjoy biscuits brown, feel the fuzz.

Shootings, monkeys, hurricanes and much, much more.

Shakespeare? Shakespeare My Butt!

Third edition of this popular book

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Police, Crime & 999 reviews:

Ambulance Today heartily recommends this warm, witty, compassionate and down-right hilarious read by John Donoghue (Ambulance Today Magazine)

Police officer turned author, John Donoghue, has a unique way of telling his stories in a way that makes you incapable of hiding your chuckling self from the world ...and cause your sides physical pain (The Crack Magazine)

It is fantastic and I have not stopped laughing …It should be in the best seller list or prescribed as a ‘pick me up’ (Editor, GiddyLimits)

Shakespeare My Butt! reviews:

'Bill Bryson on Magic Mushrooms' (The Northern Echo)

'This is one of those embarrasing books that makes you laugh out loud' (The Review Centre)

'An addictive read full of belly laughs' (Living magazine)

'A moreish book ...with a cult vibe' (North East Life)

'Pure Gold' (Stephen Stanley)

'The funniest book I have read' (Toby Young)

There are over 600 x 5 Star reviews on Amazon for John's books.

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