Published: 15/09/2018
ISBN: 9781789013955
Format: Paperback

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Walking With The Saints
by Cecilia Baker

People and Place. A place in Britain, say Canterbury, and a time in Canterbury, say 597 and St Augustine arrives and sets off walking. What is he thinking? How does he find his way? What does he find when he arrives somewhere? Via the historical stories and vignettes, which I have gathered together to follow in his and others footsteps, we can know him and his world a bit better.

We don’t have to worry about wild boar (well mostly not) nor highway robbers (hopefully) nor indeed of falling foul of the monarch or his henchmen but they did. England is crisscrossed by a myriad of ancient routes that are being waymarked and walked for the first time for often hundreds of years, named after people who have gently faded into history. Through this book the author explores into the rich heritage of England while enjoying the ancient paths through wind, rain and sunshine.

Cecilia aims to give people and place a Recognition and a Story. Early 21st century and we are freer now than ever before. Our lives are longer and healthier than at any time in previous centuries. We are for the first time, perhaps ever, free to do exactly as we please and as a society, we have the luxury to think of our ‘quality of life’. Walking has become one of the more popular forms of indulging that luxury. More of us are going out into the countryside and simply walking for the pleasure of it, as well as the health benefit. Climb in the car, bus or train. Put on comfortable shoes and take a raincoat (this is Britain after all) and start walking in the footsteps of a few of our ancient ancestors.

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