Published: 15/07/2018
ISBN: 9781789013733
Format: Paperback

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What Have Animals Ever Done For Us?
by Phil Clay

What Have Animals Ever Done For Us?’ is full of fascinating, surprising facts about animals and answers such questions as; why did the Israeli secret service recruit a team of gerbils to help with the fight against terrorism, how can snails make you more beautiful, and what do ferrets do in aeroplanes?

The animals in this book have gained employment in the unlikeliest and most remarkable of roles. You won’t find guide dogs or work horses as they are already well known. However, you will discover that a leech has 32 times as many brains as you, and that a pigtailed macaque monkey can pick 20 times as many cocoa nuts as a human. Although you may not want to know what civet cats do to help produce the best coffee in the world.

This book is a tribute to the animals who, throughout history, have fed, protected and healed us and saved so many human lives. Creatures who deserve recognition for their roles as anything from beauticians to masseuses to secret agents.

As the classic Monty Python sketch ‘What have the Romans ever done for us?’ the answer is ‘quite a lot really’.

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