Published: 15/08/2018
ISBN: 9781789013443
Format: Paperback

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About the Author

Sean Heary is a former business executive who lived for many years only a stone’s throw from the Kremlin. No wonder he writes political thrillers. Born and raised in Australia, Sean now makes Germany ... read more

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The Concordat
by Sean Heary

Since his rise to power three years ago, Russian President ALEXANDER VOLKOV has increasingly engaged in hostile and disruptive activities with neighbouring states as he attempts to rebuild the Russian Empire.

In support of this strategy the Russian FSB have forged a Concordat dated 1939 in which the Vatican supposedly agreed to cease all opposition to the Nazi government in return for being appointed the official state religion of the Third Reich.

To surface the Concordat, the FSB murder a former East German Stasi colonel, then plant the forgery in his Berlin apartment. On plan, the colonel’s mentally fragile son finds the Concordat and proceeds to blackmail the Vatican.

The Vatican reluctantly agrees to acquire the counterfeit to prevent it falling into the hands of the Church’s enemies. LORENZO ROSSI, the head of the Vatican Police, travels to Germany to negotiate with the blackmailer. Rossi’s flight is delayed. By the time he arrives the blackmailer is dead and the Concordat has vanished. The 42 year old Italian bachelor feels responsible. Rossi vows not to return to the Holy See until he has recovered the forgery.

Rossi follows the deadly trail to Paris and then onto Moscow, where he hooks up with CIA Agent, CATHY DOHERTY – a seemingly promiscuous 33 year old brunette with a passion for all things Russian. Together they set out to establish the origins of the Concordat, and its intended purpose.

Armed with information provided by a CIA informant, they identify the forger (as DAVID KROTSKY, a member of the FSB’s Active Measures Program) and abduct him on a bleak Moscow street. Conflicted by Volkov's expansionary vision, Krotsky is eventually persuaded to talk. He reveals that he has included a flaw in the Concordat. But to prove it scientifically, Rossi needs the original forgery.

With the assistance of FATHER ARKADY, a member of a secret society of orthodox priests opposed to the Kremlin’s control of the Russian Church, Rossi locates and subsequently recovers the Concordat. All that remains is to get the hell out of Russia.

Their escape is complicated when Father Arkady assassinates President Volkov. Despite the whole country being placed on lockdown, Rossi and Cathy (not without high drama) successfully cross overland to Kazakhstan where a CIA aircraft is waiting to fly them to Rome.

On board, Rossi ponders how the most hellish week of his life has ended in such triumph. He now has unequivocal proof that the Concordat is forged, Volkov and his cohorts are dead, and Cathy has agreed to marry him.

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