Published: 15/05/2018
ISBN: 9781789013405
Format: Paperback

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Remembrance of Things Past, Learning to live with those unwelcome feelings
by Savi McKenzie-Smith

Do you have a secret? No! Then you are an exception. Think again!

BURIED SECRETS gives descriptive, accounts of why people have secrets or lie and refrain from thinking about them, until they return to haunt them. Recalling and remembering most of our past activities are unavoidable. Our past is also our present and with us for the future. This is an undeniable fact. Why? How? Read BURIED SECRETS.

We are like a coin with two sides - an inner and outer self - the inner one represents our outer persona. To some extent you can control your outer behaviour. But your inner state has a life of its own. Trying to disown your past is futile. You can suppress unwanted thoughts, put them to sleep or bury them but you can never entirely be rid of them. You are unhappy with who you are then change your personality for the better. To do this requires a certain mind-frame. This book tells you how you can do that.

To begin with the reconstructed stories in Section One are based on true life stories, indicating how some older people achieved this and improved their lifestyle. But, regardless of age, unwelcome and unexpected feelings from early memory, return to haunt, causing distress, anxiety, mild depression, unhappiness and feelings of revenge. Section Two gives an account of changes made by younger people for the better. Cognitive, positive, attributions are memorised and recalled. So why should not negative ones? They can be negotiated with and worked through, either with or without support. As Shakespeare said; ’All the world’s a stage all the men and women merely players. They have their exits and entrances, and one man in his time plays many parts.’ One can learn that through grieving, feelings of remorse, tolerance, forgoing, forgiving and moving forward can enhance the lifestyle.

Often your actions, depend on your feelings without you realising it. Wh and where do these come from? Memory! What do we mean? These pages in BURIED SECRETS tell how you can learn more about yourself. The book explains in simple language, the role of memory, how it impacts on one’s feelings and the many facets of feelings. The core of our personality comes from within, our inner state of mind and represents us in the outer world.

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