Published: 15/05/2018
ISBN: 9781789010244
Format: Paperback

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Dynamo Memory
by Paul Archer

The collection ‘Dynamo Memory’ pulls an eclectic selection of memories and impressions into sharp focus. The everyday mingles with the extraordinary, the timeless with the transient, books tumble from a bookcase, a blackbird’s nest is found in an orange tree, an artist arrives at a café table, white cherry blossoms contrast starkly with the red faces of saké drinkers, a shoelace is left undone and imparts a new sense of freedom; such moments are examined through a new lens to take us beyond the memory into the less explored territories of consciousness and deeper concepts of reality.

A poem imagining a future where grass is a revered museum exhibit nudges against a memory of a boy riding a bike home from school on a dark winter’s evening with the bicycle lamp flickering in the gloom; an examination of death stands next to memories of new beginnings and jostles with thoughts while assembling flat-pack furniture… all tumble together to form a kaleidoscope of images which make the reader question their own perception of the ordinary and its shifting reality as it moves from the present into the past and the archive of memory.

Inspired by the poet’s time living in England, Japan and Spain, the poems in ‘Dynamo Memory’ describe the multifarious facets of his world, whether hard or soft-edged, ordinary or extraordinary, making us examine our own world more deeply so that we come away wanting to explore our own memories and experience how they glimmer through the darkness to affect our own lives in the present moment.

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