Published: 15/06/2018
ISBN: 9781789010190
Format: Paperback

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The Time Rescuers
by Alan Crosby

When time travel occurs, Claire, Gerald and Wally awake to find themselves trapped in a strange, glass dome. Lifted from a place of danger, somehow each have been whisked through time to here; their one common memory before blacking out, a silver globe, spinning in air. When the globe reappears, Axolear, a spirit life form inhabiting the object, tells of their parents been taken by the Nephilites, an alien race responsible for the destruction of his own kind.

Axolear seeks vengeance on them, now with their sights set on Earth. Commissioning the youths to rescue their parents, he wants to bring about a confrontation with this evil empire, which, supposedly, would involve only himself and the Remnant of his race. Now, in spirit forms themselves, the three teenagers embark on their mission and do what they think best.

Unfortunately, things don’t go as expected, and, despite Claire and Wally’s parents being rescued, Gerald feels that he has to go it alone if his own mother is ever to be reached. Although it appears that the mission has gone terribly wrong, in fact, it becomes increasingly clear to the young rescuers that Axolear really has everything under control, and that their shortcomings has enabled him to get them all to where they need to be at the end. It’s a story about trust, and keeping your faith in someone even when it seems that is the most illogical thing to do.

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