Published: 15/06/2018
ISBN: 9781789010091
Format: Hardback

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Redemptor Domus
by Gamelyn Chase

Redemptor Domus impacts on several levels; it's a 50-kleenex weepie, a brooding whodunit, a hot-bed of symbolism, an affirmation of stalwart comradeship, a Pandora's box of subliminal fears and - ultimately - a spiritual challenge. It's also a paradox.

It's written largely from the innocent perspective of three very junior boys at a Catholic boarding school. The action takes placed on the North Wales coast, 1946 to 1950, and the plot is particular to that place and time.

Apprehensive Catholics can take heart, Redemptor Domus is neither an indictment nor an endorsement of 'faith' education, it's merely the platform for the plot. It also allows the author to introduce brushes with the occult.

The tale is one of deliverance from both moral and real danger - but at terrible cost. The narration is pregnant with foreboding throughout, leapfrogging over episodes of excoriating poignancy and titillating - or outraging - prurience, as the drama accelerates towards its epic climax.

The paradox is the author's studied detachment from his ultimate message, a detachment evidenced by an angular writing style replete with quirky leitmotifs, Bunyanesque characters, and occasional injections of seemingly incongruous humour.

The reader will find RD to a very dark journey - but it's a journey towards the light.

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“Controversial, repugnant, compelling, inspiring. At 426 pages, this one is for the serious reader, others may find it a bit of a pill. The action speeds up as it approaches its epic climax so that I wondered what was going to hit me next! I would be loath to recommend it to friends because of some of the content but I will happily endorse it generally as a quality product that should not be languishing in obscurity.”

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