Published: 15/04/2018
ISBN: 9781788032957
Format: Paperback

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51 Weeks
by Julia Myerscough

“This is a stunningly good read. It’s beautifully written and the characters quickly became so real as I read on...I had a blast reading it and found I could easily relate to Amy’s situation. Julia Myerscough’s 51 Weeks is most highly recommended.”
- J Magnus, Readers’ Favorite

The big five-oh is staring Amy Richards squarely in the face and she’s panicking. What has happened to her life? How could it have passed her by so quickly? How should she mark the occasion?

A serendipitous stop at an inspiring museum and heritage centre gives her the answer: when she is old she must be able to shout ‘Je ne regrette rien’. Forget the bucket list, bring on a bowl of 51 weekly challenges for the coming year, the last one being to write about everything she’s learned. Chosen by her friends, these mysterious slips of paper will have Amy face her fears, do good for others, undergo personal growth, and even walk on the wild side! What starts out as harmless fun soon develops into an exciting and profound voyage of adventure. Friendships are forged and broken, infatuation tests morality and ethics, dark secrets are revealed and Amy takes a long, hard look at her marriage. She realises that in life, it’s not the destination that matters but what she learns over time and how this changes her.

With parts of the story based on real events, 51 Weeks is much more than a series of challenges. While it is a hilarious, sassy, highly relatable novel, dealing with the realities of ageing we all face, it’s also an inspirational and empowering journey of self-discovery. It prompts readers to put together their own bowl of challenges, get off the sofa and try everything they’ve ever wanted to do - maybe learning something surprising about themselves along the way.

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