Published: 15/03/2018
ISBN: 9781788038522
Format: Paperback

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The Angry Ghost and Other Stories
by Peter Spokes

‘I have always felt that there is something inherent in all of us whether we be a child snuggled up in bed, peering with frightened and yet expectant eyes over the top of a tightly gripped bedsheet, and listening to a Grimm tale; or an adult sitting in his favourite armchair, in front of a blazing hearth as the thunder and lightning crashes down outside - that we like to hear something scary or mildly disturbing... But ultimately, the storyteller weaves his tale of dark possibilities to coax out and into the light creatures that may occasionally intrude upon the living, but never encroach upon or breach the shield of safety of the listener. For the listener is always safe from ghosts .... almost always.’

- Spoken by the Storyteller in ‘The Angry Ghost’

‘A man journeys to Cornwall seeking a Ghost - and flowers; while another, visits an old Lifeboat Station where a long time ago, he lost his friends. Why would an obnoxious bully be so welcomed to spend the night at an old Museum? and how can an author of fictional horror take his friend seriously when told of a real Werewolf in his village. These characters - and others - share the same fate - that is – a confrontation with something un-earthly and should not be … except in a world where creatures of darkness can still – occasionally - break through the veil.’

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