Published: 15/04/2018
ISBN: 9781788038461
Format: Paperback

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Emotional Sandwiches
Warning: All fillings contain perspectives
by Sarah Ashley Neal

In a time when we’re encouraged to look ‘within’, and search for the ‘magical answers’ that are supposedly destined to solve our conundrums (dilemmas?), Emotional Sandwiches invites us to fearlessly explore some of the relationships we hold onto with words that can often block or unblock our potential to find those answers.

First in a series, which introduces readers to the concept and characters of Sarah's brand, its refreshing and humorous approach takes a non-fiction idea and adds a fictional twist. Emotional Sandwiches considers some of the influential words in our language and transforms them into stimulating characters that you’ll emotionally relate to, as you head off together on adventures.

Its simplicity attracts a wide audience, surprising readers who are least interested in ‘self-help’ that it has a charm which makes for an unconditional and entertaining read. Something needing to be amiss, in our lives, isn’t a pre-requisite to picking up Emotional Sandwiches and those who are expecting to bathe in some insightful perspectives, while turning over some of their own, will not be disappointed.

An interesting and inclusive concept that tastefully arranges 20 soft centred fillings, to whet your appetite, enticing you to fill up on perspectives. Ending your dining experience with greater self-awareness, Emotional Sandwiches will leave you feeling inspired and uplifted having had the opportunity to reacquaint with some of your own emotional friends and foes along the way.

Sarah connects with her readers, sensitively bridging the distance between fiction and non-fiction while keeping them engaged with small talk that ultimately speaks volumes.

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