Published: 15/03/2018
ISBN: 9781788037754
Format: Paperback

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The Moon's an Illusion
The Ripple Effect
by Edwina Thomas

All families have one, that’s what my Mother used to say. Some more interesting than others, but we all have one. If you don't, you haven't looked hard enough, dig a bit deeper, there’s always a story lurking somewhere.

We aren't all born into this world with the same opportunities, but that doesn't matter. It is luck and good judgement that we all need, but we must know how to recognise it when it presents itself. Just as we need to know how to recognise danger.

This story is based on true life events, of how life can go terribly wrong, even when given every advantage in life.

Bad choices can haunt us and completely change the course of our lives forever. Ah, the old ripple affect, don't we all know about that one! The force that can effect even the most innocent of people, oblivious to it’s danger, that can turn into a Tsunami at the drop of a hat.

This is the type of story that every single one of us can relate to, many of us will have experienced the ripple effect first hand. You either sink or swim, it just depends on how good a swimmer you are and your strength of character.

Love, lust, madness, call it what you will, we’ve all experienced these feelings at some point in our lives and made decisions driven by these emotions.

This book has it all, every emotion that we will all experience as human beings sooner or later, no one leaves this world unscathed.

It demonstrates the love and bond between very different people and their ability to conquer adversity and everything that comes their way with unconditional love and support.

Read it, see if you can recognise something of yourself. I know you will.

Good fortune favours the fortunate!

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