Published: 15/04/2018
ISBN: 9781788037587
Format: Paperback

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Journey Through Time
by Ivica Hausmeister

The author believes that we are quiet privileged to live in this time, a time in human history that has allowed us access to an almost unlimited amount of information in whatever topic we choose to read. It is no doubt that such an opportunity can help us to broaden our horizons - this has certainly increased my knowledge and helped me to get a better understanding of the universe we live in.

Sometimes he asks himself how the world would look if we were able to peep at it, just for a short time, some two or three thousands years ahead. Whether our planet would have changed beyond recognition, and into what level of knowledge mankind would have managed to catapult itself?

Questions about the future of mankind are intriguing to consider – we would all, no doubt, love to travel through time, to see the future of our world for ourselves, to see what’s changed, to glimpse technologies, civilisations, languages and art that we never dreamed could be possible in our era. But to be able to ask ourselves these questions, to delve into the future, it is crucial that we attempt to understand our past; where we all came from.

We are, as Carl Sagan said, all made of star-stuff. Read as a bildungsroman of the universe, the book starts from the very beginning – The Big Bang – to the present day, and is packed with everyday examples that make vast concepts and mathematical equations easy to understand.

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