Published: 15/04/2018
ISBN: 9781788038102
Format: Paperback

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The Stones and the Stars
by Morgan Birch

It is 1904. Tom and his brother Gilbert are working with their father, prominent archaeologist Professor Warrington, trying to uncover the meaning of a mysterious stone circle near the border between England and Wales. The work is going badly and tension is rising. Is the Professor about to lose his reputation and, worse, is the site about to be destroyed, hidden forever under a new road planned by Mr Montfalcon, a local landowner? Will Gilbert, brilliant but vulnerable, break under the merciless taunting of Geraldine, Montfalcon’s daughter? Tom is a young man with a lot on his mind…

Finding a mysterious stone which has peculiar effects on those who touch it, Tom and Gilbert are drawn into the world of a group of Gypsies who have foreseen the Stone’s coming and would kill to possess it themselves. But there are more mysterious forces at work and it is far from clear where the Stone belongs. Stolen out of spite, hunted for by a shadowy warrior-clan from another age, rescued in a daring burglary and gambled for in a game of life and death, it must be rightfully claimed before it can reach its full powers. For the Gypsies know that only the Stone can hold back the Dark Times which threaten the world - and disaster will follow if it falls into the wrong hands. Tom and Gilbert must use all their wits and courage and find friends wherever they can, if they are to bring the Stone to its destiny before the stars start to rain.

The Stones and the Stars is an historical-fantasy adventure story for an emotionally-literate age. Tom’s adventures continue in The Golden Angel, a story of World War 1.

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