Published: 28/04/2018
ISBN: 9781788038010
Format: Paperback

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by R. W. Hughes

For readers who enjoy a thrilling action adventure novel also a must for anyone who as a trace of Scottish blood running through their veins. George Charles MacKay had just returned to Scotland from fighting the Spanish in the protection of the new State of Georgia with the 42nd Highland Regiment of Foot. The soldiers for this regiment were enlisted in Inverness by a General Oglethorpe, who was later appointed governor of Georgia by the English Parliament.

George had returned in time to bury his father and elder brother, leader and next in line to the Clan MacKay, both had been assassinated. Even though he did not want or relish the position, he felt duty bound as tradition demanded to accept the Chieftainship of the clan Mackay. Under pressure from his followers he formulated a plan to wreak revenge on his neighbouring clan the Sutherlands, the perpetrators of that dastardly deed.

But the year was 1745 and dark clouds of unrest were spreading over the country of Scotland, and both clan and family loyalties would be stretched to the limit. As Charles Edward Stuart, [known as Bonnie Prince Charlie] landed at Glenfinnan and raised his Royal standard, gathering around him a Jacobite army, and in the process throwing the country headlong into a Civil War.

And as Bonnie Prince Charlie and his Generals led their army into England in an attempt to dispose of the Hanoverian George 2nd and lay claim to the English throne, George Charles MacKay was following hard on their heels, attempting to fulfil a pledge made to the family of a man, who had given his life, in order to save his.

And as the Scottish army was forced to retreat back into Scotland, George Charles Mackay was also racing ahead of them to reach and organise his forces for the protection of MacKay lands and his followers. And at the insistence of the Prince, and ignoring the advice of his Generals he personally took charge of his Scottish forces and turned to face their English pursuers at Culloden.

Outnumbered and mercilessly battered by superior cannon fire, the brave charge of the Jacobite Scottish Highlanders was repulsed, and they lost their final battle against the English army and their Scottish supporters.

After this defeat Scotland was placed under Marshall Law brutally enforced to friend and foe alike by an English and Hanoverian army under their General, Prince William the Duke of Cumberland, or as he was known by his foes. ‘Butcher Cumberland.’

With this in mind the author has titled this book, ‘Broadsword’. The favoured weapon of the Scottish Highlander during this period.

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