Published: 28/01/2018
ISBN: 9781788038027
Format: Paperback

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Clash of the Vikings
by Peter Wilks

A fleet of longships emerge out of the morning mist on 8th of June in AD 793, and raced toward the island of Lindisfarne, one of England’s most holy sites. After beaching their vessels, blood-thirsty Norsemen wearing helmets and shields, disembarked with swords and battleaxes in hand. They sprinted to the monastery, forced their way in and then left behind them a swathe of ruin, vandalism and slaughter, as they ransacked the buildings, dug up the altars, and hauled away the holy treasures and captured many slaves in chains.

The architect of the raid was Jarl Magnus Magnússon, nicknames the Red Plagye; a strewed and ambitious man, greedy for gold and a keen relish for the good things in life, welcoming fortune as a means of obtaining them for his family and his crews of Norsemen and women. But distracted by his campaign to build the foundations of a vast empire, he underestimated the greed and jealousy of another scheming Scandinavian noble called Sigvald Foeslayer, who covets the Red Plague’s shipping fleet and burgeoning territory gains back in Norway.

With the fate of his family and homeland at stake, unless he can slay the rival chieftain and his allies, Magnússon’s reign could come to a sudden, bloody end in the Clask of the Vikings.

This historical action-adventure dram conveys the spirit, manners and social conditions of the period, portraying the life and death of Vikings.

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