Published: 28/02/2018
ISBN: 9781788037877
eISBN: 9781788034166
Format: Paperback/eBook

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About the Author

Pearl spent twenty years with young people teaching mathematics and IT and gained a Ph.D researching the fascinating area of ‘Mental Models developed by children between the ages of nine and fourteen.... read more

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Eirwen and the Gossamer Rainbow
by Pearl Denham

“As the light caught its tunic making it shine and shimmer like butterfly wings it made her shudder. In spite of the beauty of the clothes it was ugly. The back of its bulging head and long fingered hands were the same sickly non-shade. No fur, no feathers and no colour. He was Casuista.”

This is an unearthly tale about an unusual girl called Eirwen. She is 50cm tall with green skin, blue hair and golden eyes. There are many questions to be answered: she was born on another planet, so why is she living on Earth and being protected by her two brothers, Gwyn and Tomos – and why are those brothers snow geese?

The monster of a creature, Casuista, is also from another planet: what does he want on Earth and why are animals disappearing or losing their colours?

Their protectors, the Learned Ravens, are unable to help so can Eirwen?

When Gwyn is also snatched Eirwen begins her dangerous journey to find and rescue the prisoners in the process discovering new inner strengths and passions.

Eirwen and the Gossamer Rainbow is a wonderfully magical adventure set in a time neutral fantasy. Suitable for children aged 8-12-years but can be enjoyed by all age groups. It is the first book in the Nereid trilogy. (Victoria Milne Novelist and Editor)

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A book launch to be held at Blackwells
book shop, Portsmouth University.
On 24th February 2018 at 11 am.
There will be readings and questions answered by the Author Pearl Denham.

Come along and enjoy the fun!

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