Published: 28/01/2018
ISBN: 9781788037853
Format: Paperback

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Carolyn McCrae is a northerner, born on the Wirral (Cheshire) in 1950. After 35 years of moving around Kent, Berkshire, Cornwall, Worcestershire, Shropshire, the Isle of Wight and Devon she has now r... read more

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Hostage to Fortune
by Carolyn McCrae

Within five days, in the same Devon town, Warwick Eden, a prominent but divisive politician, is assassinated; Ryan O’Donnell, a young crew-member from Eden’s luxury yacht, apparently kills himself; and Diane Hammill, an elderly woman seemingly unconnected to either man, disappears.

Skye and Fergal, two historical investigators who work occasionally for a little acknowledged section of the Home Office, run by the enigmatic Gordon Hamilton, are tasked with finding Diane. Within a few days they have believe they have traced Diane, Gordon declares himself satisfied and they are taken off the case.

Although told to leave probing the two deaths to the professionals they cannot resist looking into them and they soon focus on the involvement of Guy Cliffe, a crew-member on Warwick Eden’s yacht.

Their unravelling of the connections between the Eden and Cliffe families leads them to the world of the New-Age travellers of the 1980s when informants were paid by the police and MI5 to betray those they had called friends and then were given false identities to escape those friends’ revenge.

The more Skye and Fergal learn the more they believe that Guy is guilty of more than murder and they warn Gordon Hamilton that they believe he will kill again. Gordon tells them they should do no more, his department is on top of everything.

Despite no longer being involved in official investigations, Skye and Fergal pursue their academic interest in the Eden family which leads them to Spain, the events of 1936 and that country’s Civil War. It is there that they find the solution to the mystery Gordon intended them to investigate all along. Not the disappearance, not the assassination nor the murders, but something altogether more interesting.

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Carolyn enjoys writing - sticking with it through the hard times because she has stories to tell.
Hostage to Fortune is Carolyn's eighth title and the fourth in a series of 'history mysteries' where modern day mysteries (murder, abduction, fraud) are solved through an understanding of families' histories.
A Second Strand, her seventh title is Carolyn's second murder mystery (though all other books involve some degree of mystery of one sort or another).
The main suspect disappears two days after he discovers his dying neighbour and before DNA tests indicate the victim was his father.
Is he guilty? If so why? If not who is? And what, if any, are the links to a previous murder, perpetrated in the same small town (Yarmouth, Isle of Wight) two years earlier.

Her Parents' Daughter A woman is arrested, gun in hand, standing over a murder victim. Was she as guilty as she appeared to be or had she been set up? And if set up, why and by whom?

A Set of Lies was published to mark the Napoleonic bi-centenary in 2015 is an alternate historical mystery covering two hundred years of a family's history. It introduces Skye and Fergal who feature in her new soon-to-be-published A Second Strand

The Iniquities Trilogy; The Last Dance, Walking Alone and Runaways
Each book stands alone but as a trilogy the reader learns more about the extended Donaldson family than they ever knew themselves. This is now being reworked as one book to be available in the Autumn of 2017. (Well... musicians can re-record their earlier works...)

Highly Unsuitable Girl In which a northern girl, who moves south, finally understands who she is and what she wants from life, eventually growing up (at the age of forty something).

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