Published: 28/01/2018
ISBN: 9781788039581
Format: Paperback

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The Nature of Things Post Truth
Emotion Tribalism Contentment and Other Things for Thinking
by N. Micklem

This book points out that the recent findings of neuroscientists about the way in which the mechanisms of the human brain operate make it clear that up until now philosophers, religious leaders and others - conspicuous among them Saint Paul and René Descartes - have been working with a faulty model of the nature of a human being.

If you don't understand how the basic mechanisms of an organism work, there is always a risk that what you pontificate about that organism may turn out to be wrong. And so it has been. That is in the nature of things.

For historical reasons the mind set of Christendom is skewed; the mind set of the reasoning mind is skewed. It turns out that all the pundits since Plato have been unaware of the importance of the inescapable element of emotion in all the actions of members of our species.

Regrettable, but remediable, if you can bear to accept that you may have made a mistake. This may take some time.

In the meanwhile, if the rest of us want to get through life and face death with some dignity, we are on our own.

In its diffident way, this book suggests a number of things which some may want to take into account in making up their minds what to do next.

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