Published: 15/02/2018
ISBN: 9781788039734
eISBN: 9781788034050
Format: Paperback/eBook

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About the Author

BARRY COLE was born in Yorkshire but spent much of his life in Bedfordshire. He served as a regular soldier, and after leaving the army he began contributing stories and articles to the monthly magazi... read more

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The Conquistador's Horse
by Barry Cole

• Historical fiction for young readers aged 10-14 years
• Unique narrative featuring a horse and including a bonus story
• For fans of Michael Morpurgo and Michelle Paver

When Tall Bull and the Cheyenne hunting party crossed the Arkansas river, and entered their enemies hunting ground in search of buffalo, little did they know that others were also crossing the same river.

Fierce looking men armed with bows, spears, and war-clubs, their upper bodies and faces daubed with paint. They were a Pawnee war-party returning to their village after a raid against their sworn enemies the Sioux.

Last to cross the river were men on horseback. Pale skinned men armed with swords, and muskets. They were Spanish Conquistadors, and they had come in search of Quivira, the city of gold.

Soon the paths of all three would cross, and when they did, Tall Bull would discover a creature that he had never seen before, an animal which would haunt his dreams, and one day change the lives of his people forever.

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Quote: ‘A fascinating story. Children will love this!’
I very much enjoyed this historical children’s novel by Barry Cole. It ticks every box for a ‘good children’s book’: a strong hero, a thoroughly exciting adventure and a light, accessible writing style. There’s plenty happening and, most importantly, it is happening to lots of interesting characters. I suspect any 10 – 14 year old's, boys and girls, would find this story thoroughly absorbing. All in all, the writing style is perfect for a children’s adventure novel. It has plenty of speech, short paragraphs and short chapters and, the author knows when to ‘get things moving’. He is also particularly good at describing setting and character. Whether he’s describing a herd of buffalo or the young hero, Tall Bull, he cleverly sticks to telling the reader what is interesting and, as a result, the setting is vivid, the characters almost jumping off the page. There is also a bonus story at the back entitled The Birth of the Wolf Clan. A magical story full of evil spirits and shape-shifting. To sum up, this is a gripping story set in the American west. There’s an adventure, yes, but it’s not full of war and blood. It’s a story where the author seems determined that the readers get to know the characters and want to like them and maybe even be like them. The best character for me was Tall Bull. I liked his strong will and his loyalty to his tribe. I’d happily be him.
The ending is ‘BIG!’, the way children like endings to be, and the twisting plot will keep the readers guessing.
A ‘Wishing Shelf’ Book Review

heather bennett (Reviewer) has just reviewed The Conquistador's Horse.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Full Text:
This is a great book, should appeal to all ages really both child and adult!!

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This is a great book, should appeal to all ages really both child and adult!!

by Heather Bennett


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