Published: 15/07/2017
ISBN: 9781788039352
Format: Paperback

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John McGreal was born in 1945. He lives in South London. He is divorced with a daughter, Frances. His writing has emerged out of his practice as a visual artist, which has always included an inter... read more

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It's the Unconscious, Deeply
by John McGreal

The subject of this artist’s book is the unconscious, to which art was opened up in early modernism particularly by Surrealism.

The aesthetic object of this work is the bibliograph, a new textual form (explored in a series of several recent works) which presents variations in meaning of its dominant motif in referential images with an alphabetical structure. It’s visual network of textual patterns is informed by Sigmund Freud’s statement that, ‘the interpretation of dreams is the royal road to a knowledge of the unconscious activity in the mind’ & Lacan’s that, ‘the unconscious ‘is structured like a language’.

While the bibliograph retains some of the same structural features of earlier works such a double-page wordscape, its curved and spiralling textual patterns with equalised lines of uniform length take a coded form informed by Freud’s theoretical concepts of condensation and displacement.

These give the reader ready to travel the journey an opportunity to decipher the text: a chance go the extra mile and to explore at the limits current knowledge of the psychical, physical and social unconscious at their different levels of complexity and reproduction..

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