Published: 15/11/2017
ISBN: 9781788039284
Format: Paperback

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Virion's Net
by Cressida Gillespie

12-year-old Jack longs to be on the internet. His adventurous spirit and vivid imagination is expressed in stories and a love of old films and history.

His mother worries about him, especially since Dad left for Australia 10 years previously and is now presumed dead — believed to have been eaten by a crocodile.

It is a hot and humid day, with the unplanned summer holidays stretching ahead, when the gift of a longed-for laptop brings about a life-changing journey, and adventures with creatures in another world.

A wafting apparition magically appears out of the computer and Jack is catapulted to a land where he meets Pixel, the many-armed lone blob; the squelchings, delightful squirrel-like creatures; and bufferbirds, clever messengers helping to protect the kingdom from the evil of Virion, the fearful she-monster.

Jack and his new friends band together to get rid of this monster. They are assisted by Vulcanians, silent, rock-like beings and by the slow, incessant advance of a warming world. All this set in a land of desert, mountains, glaciers, and the forbidding presence of The Wall, a half-mile high construction built by the paranoid Virion.

Virion inveigles guards, with their four-legs, and a small army for her protection, while snake-like sliders act as her secret messengers. Her vast tanks and pipes control the water of the inner lands, and her cruelty is evidenced by the kidnapped squelchings farming her gardens.

The Great Raid on Virion, in her lair in the castle, with teamwork and courage, brings the action to a close.

On return to the normality of home, Jack, feeling a changed person, is met with the astonishing news that his father is still alive. Over all this hangs the question — has his adventure been a dream, or is it real?

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