Published: 10/12/2007
ISBN: 9781906221300
Format: Paperback

"David Brewerton's first novel keeps you wanting to know more… Along the way he conjures up an all too authentic picture of the competitiveness and casual cruelty, not to mention the sheer grungy tackiness, of newspaper newsrooms. His characters – the louche news editor, the eternally absent big-name columnist… remain familiar however much the technology changes."

"The plot is a page-turner in itself, yet it is Brewerton's newsroom characters who steal the show." review more

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About the Author

David Brewerton, a past winner of the London Business School's Financial Journalist of the Year Award, has spent his life in the media. From his first job as a reporter on a City newswire he has worke... read more

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Impeccable Sources
by David Brewerton

Cassandra Brown is determined to make it as a top-notch newspaper reporter, but after two years in London she has failed to get even one story on to the Posts’s front page. But when a millionaire friend of the Prime Minister goes missing in mysterious circumstances, she seizes the chance to make the story hers, whatever the cost.

Day by day she writes revealing stories about the missing tycoon - his affairs, his finances, his health - and the secrets that even his wife did not know. There seem to be good reasons why he might have wanted to disappear. Or have been kidnapped. Or worse.

Then, two weeks after he walked out of his hotel, his battered body is found floating in the Mediterranean Sea. But did he fall, did he jump or was he pushed?

Driven by competition from other papers, Brown’s demanding News Editor insists she comes up with a new angle every day. The more she digs into his life, the more convinced she becomes of foul play. But she also discovers that even her most impeccable sources have their own agendas, their own axes to grind, and that it’s not only her own ambition that knows no limits.

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The origins of this book lie in a story I covered, as a reporter for a national newspaper, several years ago. An economist working for a science-based company had gone missing following an industry conference. What followed was weeks of speculation about his whereabouts, until he was found, dead, many miles from where he disappeared. The discovery and eventual identification of his body prompted yet more speculation. He was a spy. He was mistaken for a spy. He was suddenly described as a “top scientist”. He was involved in a drugs racket. He was mistaken for a criminal, etc. None of these stories, so far as I am aware, was true.

On some days the public relations people involved were getting in excess of a hundred media calls from reporters, like me, anxious for any snippet, however tiny, to take the story forward.

This prompted me to try to show, through fiction, how a newspaper reporter develops a story, making bricks with the tiniest of straws. Reporters don’t always believe the stories they are required to write, but stories sell newspapers and the British newspaper industry is the most competitive in the world.

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