Published: 15/12/2017
ISBN: 9781788039161
Format: Paperback

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Mediation & Yoga
Discovering the Higher Sphere of Existence
by Dr Yogini Shubh Veer

Going beyond our limited awareness to reach higher levels of consciousness is the aim of life.

Meditation is the science that teaches man how to get these perceptions. The greatest aid to spiritual unfoldment, meditation is the scientific approach to God. It is the finest, most exalted activity of human life, the highest form of prayer, the birthright of every individual. Meditation gives the direct experience needed to realize the nature of our true self.

Meditation means going beyond external forms of worship, rites and rituals to discover the inner temple of God within the body and mind. It is concentrating of the powers of the mind to reach the superconscious: of unlimited scope; part of the Universal Consciousness. Humanity’s most sacred duty is to discover the superconscious through meditation!

Spiritual underdevelopment is the prime cause of unrest and social violence in the world. The day man rediscovers his spirit, his true identity, his true nature, his Higher Self, stress and tension will be eradicated and replaced by a state of absolute wellbeing and inner joy.

Spiritual illumination is equivalent of activation of all brain cells. Only then does one acquire the full potential of the brain. The aim of meditation is to realise this perfection, our true nature. It is the path to man’s spiritual perfection and salvation. It is the genuine, unique and most sacred supersensuous discipline which alone leads to realisation of God. At the end of the road is communion with God and merging into Pure Being.

The author has been teaching siddha kundalini mahayoga meditation and hatha yoga for the past four decades. She draws on this vast experience to unravel the ‘mystery’ which has beset the field of spirituality.

The mind, right knowledge, moral values, laws of karma, the importance of a guru and the gurumantra are explained. The different yogas and their most prominent proponents demonstrate the various possibilities in the field of spirituality, to suit our different tendencies.

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