Published: 15/11/2017
ISBN: 9781788039116
Format: Paperback

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David Hamilton is a professional writer who travels round England visiting towns, country and cities where he talks to local people to find unusual local places to visit and photograph. "That is ... read more

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On the Journey of Poetry
by David Hamilton

This is a collection of stories in verse with shorter poems within the stories . Each story is told by historical figures with the author as an overarching narrator. It is different from the usual academic poems standardised by creative writing courses. Those are not popular with the public and this fills the need by offering something refreshing.

Poetry is a journey through imaginative worlds where the reader meets real-life experiences and people they would meet in their own lives and there are myths and historical characters in poetry that uses much allegory, symbolism and metaphor. The poems are educational as there is a lot of information conveyed. It is the poetry of life and you feel the wind, rain and Sun as you live these original poems.

One poem The Lotus Eaters exemplifies how the method of putting contemporary content into a traditional form works. It first appeared in Homer's Odyssey Book 9, later as a poem by Tennyson. Circe is here from the original turning the men into swine; the idea of living in isolation from the world and avoiding responsibility is prominent in the early versions but is here as escapism through drugs, it is a commentary on the widespread use of hard drugs like cocaine amongst young people who lose real ambition.

The author has personal experience of this because he tried to get students to do artwork and editing which would help them financially and boost their CVs but they were too busy clubbing and doing coke.

The author has also updated Reynard the Fox, from the foxes point, and The Hall of Fame, by Chaucer, and later Pope. This links Hamilton to tradition as well as bring a contemporary writer.

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King Alfred's Jewel: Poetry of the Imagination and Imaginative Poetry (Troubador) is David Hamilton's first book of poetry and photography but there are more planned. poetry has been neglected by the popular critics and booksellers but there is a groundswell of eager readers turning to it again.
Mr. Hamilton has two books of essays published. Culture Wars: To Discipline the Devil's Regions (Createspace)is criticism of art, architecture and drama. Some Literary Essays: Comments and Insights (Booklocker)is as the title suggests a collection of essays on literary subjects reviewing fairly George Bernard Shaw, Samuel Beckett, ideological playwrights, Middlemarch and reality, how Shakespeare created depth of meaning and some interesting literary genres like Verse satire and the work of Metaphysicals and Cavaliers.

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