Published: 28/11/2017
ISBN: 9781788035880
eISBN: 9781788031141
Format: Paperback/eBook

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All Change
Wishes, Waves, and Wicked Ways
by M. M. Purkess

James, a young, aspiring writer, rents a tiny flat in Mrs Mangalino’s seedy apartment house, recommended by Dame Sybil’s best friend.

Without warning, James is abducted and beaten up, but reappears the following day with no recollection of where he has been. Soon, others have similar unpleasant experiences and are viewed with disbelief and suspicion.

Who are the black-suited ‘heavies’ swaggering through the action, and who is the mysterious Wise One?

In James’ home village, all appears normal, with petty squabbles over preparations for the usual end-of-term festivities at the old school and the village fate. Drama unfolds even before the show goes on – and what a show it proves to be!

Frightfully funny… Hideously hilarious.

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That's Books

After reading a fairly heavy short story collection I was in the mood for something light. This seemed to fit the bill. It's very light. And whimsical. And charming too. All done in the inimitable British style. There's Overland (the world as we know it) and Underland (the world you can try to imagine populated by a peculiar assortment of creatures set on world domination, albeit in a somewhat circuitous way with replicants and such). This really was a fun read and would have been more so had I not overestimated my interest in the silliness of it all. Or maybe it was ever so slightly too busy, there's a very expansive cast of characters (originals, replicants, over and underlings), it actually did come with a dramatis personae, but at the end of the book, so you'll have quite a job of maintaining a grasp on who's who throughout. Somewhere along the lines of funny fantasies, the author definitely shows potential and a much appreciated zeal for alliterations. But for an entertaining kinda mindless humorous read this did the trick. Thanks Netgalley.

by Mia D

Sometimes it reminds me of Gaiman's Neverwhere, maybe for the idea of the Underland. Sometimes there are echo of Douglas Adams or Ben Aaronovitch.
Funny, entertaining, sometimes surrealistic. The author will surely grow and will be able to develop his/her full potential.

by Anna Maria Giacomasso


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