Published: 15/12/2017
ISBN: 9781788035835
Format: Paperback

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In 1948 Trevor Stubbs was born a son of a third generation market fruiterer in Northampton in the heart of England. All was set for him to become the fourth in line, but the new educational opportunit... read more

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The Indestructible Spark
by Trevor Stubbs

The Indestructible Spark continues and concludes the White Gates Adventures tetralogy.

In this book we meet again the familiar protagonists from the Smith/Rarga family and their friends, but here it is the story of Shaun (now aged 20) that takes centre stage. Never as quick or confident as his elder sister, Kakko, or as bright as his younger brother, Bandi, Shaun has been the steady quiet one that has opted for youth and community studies. But circumstances now threaten to destroy all that makes Shaun, Shaun. How does he cope with the traumas that come his way?

In Britain there is, at last, a new recognition of the mental health needs of our children and young adults. Few can sail through life without a challenge. Where can young people turn? How can they help each other? Those who went through the world wars of the twentieth century demanded a stiff upper lip. Their secret pain has been imposed consciously and unconsciously on their children, but, at last, times are changing and today we can applaud those, like Prince Harry, who are willing to talk about that which is destroying them from within. The Indestructible Spark celebrates the gift of love that offers an opportunity for healing.

This story, however, also has it lighter parts. There is humour and many of the fun elements of adventure and romance as, by means of the mysterious white gates, we explore yet new places and revisit some of the familiar ones. Australia and India feature this time, along with visits to Africa and America, and, of course, new and wonderful planets somewhere else in the universe.

The White Gates series appeals to young adults but also readers who enjoy engaging with young people as they tussle with the conundrums of our existence.

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The Kicking Tree

Two young people, each with their own personal past, are brought together by an unexplainable link between their worlds located in different parts of the universe. Jack Smith resides in the English Midlands on Planet Earth while Jallaxanya Rarga (Jalli) lives in Wanulka City, a seaside provincial capital under the glare of its three suns on Planet Raika. Jack is the son of a single mother struggling to make ends meet, and Jalli depends solely on her devoted grandmother, having lost all the rest of her family in a tragedy when she was still only three.

Follow the adventures of these two young people who come to be convinced that they have not met by chance but that some One has deliberately brought them together – and not just for their own delight but to be catalysts for change in the lives of others too. Life for them is never easy, but they win through. Battered and bruised physically, mentally and emotionally they face the question of how a benevolent, all-powerful creator who has blessed them with so much can, at the same time, allow terrible things to happen to them and others …

“Jack kicked out at the bush by his front gate as he had done every day since he was eight. It was a habit he had indulged in for the last nine years. He had no idea what variety of bush or tree it was - he simply called it his 'kicking tree'. It no longer resembled a tree now but a stunted shrub. But that battered bit of creation simply refused to die, no matter how many times it was kicked.”

“Jalli's story, looked at from any point of view, was a tragic one. And yet she and her grandmother were happy because they had each other, and because they had learned to smile, and even laugh together. Some had said that they should not do that. How could they after what had happened to them and so many others.”

The is the first book in the "The White Gate Adventure" series.

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