Published: 15/11/2017
ISBN: 9781788036191
Format: Paperback

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Started life in small Lancashire village. Moved at 2 years of age into Dr Barnardo's Homes; from a total of four different Homes I travelled around England till settling in my fifth Home and linked ho... read more

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Journey Out Returning
by William Fell-Holden

Kennedy dies - and an orphanage boy lives. Bill links the years of the decade to his personal life. Journey Out Returning is street-life story of his struggle; of sexual discovery and of friendship; of self, and community exploration. All within the year of "flower power"; of "love-ins"; of the high voices of joyous youth: 1967. And this is how one person is present in it all - on his journey, his exploration, his seeking, his celebration.

It is a story of a journey out to his past life, to discover himself; to return to his roots - to find a core meaning in his life.

Against a background of the music of the Beatles "Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band"; The Small Faces "Itchycoo Park", and the bursting forth of Pink Floyd and many other bands and singers, the year gave its mark of joy, freedom and mind-expansion; imaginations eagerly feeding from a feast of new ideas, all hopeful and colourful for a new world of peace, pleasure and love. This memoir captures that time of youthful bliss.

After the emotional collapse of his reality Bill seeks some personal stability. He looks for the safety of his childhood. He travels back to the country of his birth, on the Fylde coast of Lancashire. There he hopes to find friendship, and a community of new people to grow strong within. The decade has been split apart from the assassination of John F. Kennedy; Bill's life, in his personal way, has also been split in two. Now he wants to find a place to start to heal, and to grow; Journey Out Returning is his story.

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Don't Come Crying Home
My early years autobiography details my childhood orphanage life.

'A compelling read; brought tears to my eyes.'

A frank . . . enlightening autobiography.' Methodist Recorder

Journey Out Returning
This memoir gives, in a summer season by the sea, the story of my search for self identity: through sexual exploration and community discovery, as lived through the "flower power" year of 1967.

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