Published: 28/02/2018
ISBN: 9781788033428
Format: Paperback

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Professor Twister's Weird Adventures and The Canossa Disgrace
by Johnny Reynolds

Lessons taught by history have never been learned by the people of power...

A historical comedy-farce confronting the perfidy and hypocrisy which lurks in the bureaucracy of all forms of religion.
Third in a trilogy of books following on from ‘The Big Pipedream Society’ (9781784620936) and ‘The Dreamhunter’s Diaries’ (9781784626259)

Following on from Johnny Reynolds first two satirical books ‘Professor Twister’s Weird Adventures and The Canossa Disgrace’ is a mockery of the historical events in the 11th century which closely correspond with the failures and fiascos, notoriously repeated in our times by our vacillating, indecisive and procrastinating leaders who often sit upon a proverbial ‘wobbly fence’, not knowing on which side of the ‘fence’ they would feel themselves grounded.

This comedy-farce written in the form of a stage play, or a screenplay, lays out points of analogy between two different epochs in which the religious correctness and absurd practised by the ruling classes in times of the grandeur of the medieval world are largely corresponding with the political correctness and preposterousness of the ruling classes in our times.

Johnny notes: ‘A good reason for making my choice of this particular period of time was that repeatedly blind-eyed greed of political supremacy often going hand-to-hand with the lack of diplomacy, had always led, and still does, to the destruction of the civil society, and thus lessons taught by history have never been learned by the people of power. The charachter of the dialogues in this stage drama points directly onto those who tend to contradict themselves.’

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