Published: 28/08/2017
ISBN: 9781788035118
Format: Paperback

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About the Author

Based in Manchester, Richard Dalgety is an international fundraising specialist who has held senior management positions at Shelter and Oxfam International. He writes short stories and poetry that aim... read more

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I’m Not Like Everybody Else
A collection of Manchester-inspired short stories and poems for outsiders, misfits and rebels.
by Richard Dalgety

I’m Not Like Everybody Else is a collection of short stories and poetry that explores how the rainy North-West can create anti-heroes and rebel spirits. Drawing from the music and culture of the region, Richard explores themes of isolation, focusing on rebellious thoughts and actions from a cast of characters that have been marginalised and driven to the edge of society.

“Manchester, you are in my blood, I can never leave you.”

The book was written in an unplanned and spontaneous frenzy. I’m Not Like Everybody Else expresses themes of isolation through the eyes of those who are alienated by society: murderers, psychopaths, the homeless, the falsely accused, cross-dressers and fatalistic revisionists.

“I’m not like everybody else. I feel that strong urge for isolation too.”

Inspired by Irvine Welsh and Charles Bukowski, Richard’s second collection will be enjoyed by readers based in the North-West, as well as fans of poetry and short stories, and his first collection, I Wasn’t Made For These Times.

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I'm Not Like Everyone Else - a collection of Manchester-inspired short stories and poems, written in 2016.

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This book took me on a journey back to Manchester, the city where I was a student and had my halcyon days. There seemed to be tension and angst on every page. Reading this collection makes me want to move back there....

by Simon Costello

A strong and very diverse collection of 'outsider' literature. Brings 21st century Manchester to life through the eyes of manic and slightly crazed characters.....

by Rob Jarovic


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