Published: 01/10/2007
ISBN: 9780955243912
Format: Paperback

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Alan Grimes was educated at Latymer School in North London and later spent three years in the navy until 1946. He took a degree in Chemistry at University College London, a PhD in biochemistry at St.... read more

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Goupi Red Hands in Paris
by Pierre Véry (trans. Alan Grimes)

It is the 1930s, and Goupi Red Hands lives alone on his beloved family property deep in rural France. His devotion to the family holding does not extend to its owners, his grasping, small-minded family and their obsession with worldly possessions. Goupi holds a superior position to his family by virtue of personal knowledge of the location of a family treasure. The family know he knows and hate him for it. Goupi is indifferent to wealth and mocks his family for this concern.

But as well as Goupi the family has other rebels, independent members who follow their instincts wherever they lead, for example to the existence of a niece of unexpected racial origin. Goupi is obliged to visit Paris, which he dislikes for being a madhouse filled with frenetic eccentrics, to track down such a long-lost niece. During some weeks of involvement with an hilarious Parisian family, he resolves his problem in characteristic manner, that is, with deep cunning and without help and gratefully returns home to his familiar life of poacher, gravedigger and family irritant. The pleasure of his return is increased by finding the long-lost niece awaiting his return in his forest home.

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... In the meantime, let us thank Alan Grimes for his well-crafted translation of the present work - clearly a labour of love.
Dr. Terry Hale, former Director, British Centre for Literary Translation

The original of this book was written in French in 1937 .... conjuring up a real feeling for a pastoral France full of colourful characters and a way of life rarely found these days .... The story is full of red herrings and unexpected twists and very entertaining. The translation of the original has been handled well with much thought and care to keep the story flowing .... and the book was a joy to read.
Review. The Self Publishing Magazine. Autumn/Winter 06/07

A sequel to Goupi Red Hands is also now available, called Goupi Red Hands in Paris. Goupi has left his beloved rural region of France to go to Paris and solve a family problem. His adventures in the bustling, and for him mad capital are hilarious.

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