Published: 28/05/2017
ISBN: 9781788036979
eISBN: 9781788031356
Format: Paperback/eBook

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I was a school teacher for many years, living and working in London, Barcelona and home to Glasgow. I started writing after my sudden retirement from teaching due to ill-health. Eventually I was diagn... read more

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Born Together
by Patricia Gachagan

Born Together is the inspiring memoir of Patricia Gachagan, who was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, and her determination to overcome the challenges to live a full life and to be a mother to her son, Elliot. When Patricia became pregnant with Elliot, she could not contain her joy and elation at the prospect of starting a family. But within hours of his birth, her body began to deteriorate. Born Together tells of Patricia’s struggle to cope with her declining health and the simultaneous demands of motherhood.

Eventually, Patricia was diagnosed with MS, and it was put to her that her immune system had attacked itself, in error, following the birth of her baby boy. Patricia took an alternative approach to almost everything and refused to settle for a prognosis of a life of disability and vulnerability. Many doubted her ability to succeed, but her determination to turn her life around was rewarded with a new and pioneering treatment, researched by Medical Research Scotland and part-funded by the Scottish Government Enterprise Scheme.

Born Together is a unique story of courage and innovation which will both move and inspire the readers. It provides an eye-opening insight into life and motherhood with Multiple Sclerosis, and into the world of new therapies with Patricia being the first person, with MS, to test the Robo-Physio device – a new invention that is currently being researched further. Born Together will inspire its readers who are also living with MS when it is released in time for World MS Day in May 2017.

"Patricia is truly the heroine of her own life. This wonderfully uplifting book might help you be the same." – Judy Graham, author of Managing Multiple Sclerosis Naturally: A Self-help Guide to Living with MS

“Gentle yet brutally honest, spiritual yet grounded.” – Elaine Collins, Acupuncturist and PSYCH-K Facilitator

“A brilliant read – inspirational in all kinds of ways.” – Lorna Evans, Business Manager at Canberra University and mother

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Born together takes you on a rollercoaster that is true life. It highlights both adversity and the strength of the human spirit. This journey highlights the bonds across a family and how there are only solutions to what life throws at you! This perspective combined with determination makes an exceptional life. Truly awe struck and inspired by Patricia and her unfaltering attitude to finding a way to a solution to make an exceptional life, no matter what.

by Maggie Anne

What an amazing story of courage in the face of adversity. It sometimes makes you want to scream in frustration at the predujice surrounding disabilities but overall it is an incredibly positive and uplifting book. I couldn't put it down.

by Liz Ellis

Thoroughly enjoyed reading Born Together! The book conveys a real life story of a Glasgow born Patricia's 10 year epic journey surrounding Multiple Sclerosis (MS) - filled with optimism in the face of ongoing challenges. It has in-depth personal touch in every chapter and reads very well. Inspirational, highly recommending... not only for people affected by MS, but also for those seeking inspiration to move their life forwards.

by Chongsu Lee

This is an extraordinary of Patricia's life.
Learning of having MS (while in the the throws of new motherhood).
Born Together makes for an emotional yet hugely inspirational read from a woman who "found a way".
As I read it I became more aware of my own wellbeing both physical and mental and tend to dip in and out often.
I love having this book in my life.
You will too .......

by Helen McNallyr

Born Together is the extraordinary story of Patricia's life of learning she has MS while in the throws of becoming a new Mum.
The book makes for an emotional yet hugely inspirational read from this strong woman who "found a way".
As I read it I became very aware of my own well being both physical and mental and began to improve on exercise and diet.
I have it at the side of my bed and dip in and out when I need some motivation.
I love having Born Together in my life and you will too.

by Helen Rose McNally

I feel humbled and blessed to have read Born Together. Patricia Gaughan is now my number 1 Positive Thinking Guru and Motivational and Inspirational Author. Thank you Patricia for sharing your story.

by Elaine


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