Published: 28/02/2017
ISBN: 9781785899232
eISBN: 9781788031554
Format: Paperback/eBook

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Lisanne is an Edinburgh born author, she is of Scottish descent but her ancestry also includes Italian, German and Irish She grew up in Edinburgh, within a close knit family which included, her par... read more

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The Park Family: Mairi
by Lisanne Valente

The last of the Park Trilogy tells the story of Mairi, a beautiful actress and Mistdreamer. Her Protector Angel, Appoloin, finds the perfect place, and time, to keep her safely hidden. Mairi has to be taken away from the clutches of her half-brother, the evil Lucias, who is determined to kill her, and will stop at nothing to find her.

While recovering from the wounds Lucias received during the Dragon war, he arranges with his minion angel, Paschar - once a glorified Angel in the Heavens - to search for her...

Ambriel, the Angel of Communication, and Archangel Omniel are keeping a secret. They are deeply troubled, The Prophecy - written in the Book of Angels - is coming and their Mistdreamers are in terrible danger. A devastating outcome, one which could result in the end of the universes.

The massacre of Glencoe invites the demon kings to the earth’s realm. Through their machinations, they plot to end the clans and if their plans are fulfilled, the future of Mairi and the Mistdreamers is at stake.

The three Mistdreamers, Lauren, Valerie and Mairi, use their Mistdreaming abilities one last time in order to save the earth from destruction and stop the Heavens falling into the wrong hands.

Despite evil spreading like a fungus, love will blossom amid the terror Mairi endures, new friendships are forged in the most extraordinary of times. The Park Family: Mairi - Retribution re-introduces the reader to favourite characters, and helps to uncover mysteries, from the first two novels, that will connect them all together.

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Cathedral City
Lisanne's first book was a dedication to her parents and their lives in Edinburgh during the 1940's.

A coming of age story about a young girl, Charlie.

Crossing Over
A psychic murder mystery, set in Edinburgh that crosses the boundaries of time, crossing over into Heaven but bringing Hell to earth.

The Park Family Trilogy
A series of books, the first of which, is a dedication to my three nieces, Lauren, Valerie and Mairi.
A trilogy introducing the reader to a family of Mistdreamers. Humans who cross between realms aiding Angels in their fight to protect worlds and prevent the ultimate war.
Lauren - The Awakening
Valerie - The Teacher
Mairi - Retribution

The Infidelibus
Three novellas introducing the reader to the main otherworldly characters from The Park Family. These novellas give an insight into what happened before mistdreamers, humans and earth.

The Lost Angels
A trilogy that reintroduces us to three Fallen Angels, sworn to protect Mistdreamers, and who now find themselves in a very unusual circumstance.

The Shona Paterson Files
The first novel about a woman with a gift, who helps the police in solving mysteries.

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Really enjoyed this trilogy. Mairi and Appoloin's story was a fantastic thrill ride and allowed me to catch up on the other mist dreamers and their families. The interactions between the Angels and Heaven and Hell are extremely imaginative.

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