Published: 28/04/2017
ISBN: 9781785899157
Format: Paperback

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About the Author

Graeme Cumming lives in Robin Hood country, and has spent most of his life immersed in fiction – books, TV, movies – turning to writing his own during his early teens. With his interests in story... read more

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Ravens Gathering
by Graeme Cumming

Martin Gates left his village fifteen years ago because he didn’t belong any more. Now he’s back, and looking for answers. The problem is, no one wants to hear his questions. Well, maybe Tanya McLean, but she has an ulterior motive and her husband won’t like it.

In the meantime, a horrific accident leaves a farm worker fighting for his life; a brutal killing triggers a police investigation; and even the locals are starting to fall out amongst themselves. Now the villagers have some questions of their own. Is it possible that Martin’s arrival is more than a coincidence? Do they really want reminding of what happened in the past? How has a whole farm disappeared from the map? And why are ravens gathering in Sherwood Forest?

As Martin makes his presence felt, it also becomes clear that he isn’t the only visitor. As the ravens gather and darkness descends, the time is drawing near for history to repeat itself...

Introducing characters with deep and unsettling secrets, Ravens Gathering is a gripping thriller, interwoven with horror and fantasy, that demonstrates how you should never take things at face value. It draws the reader in with neck-prickling tension as the layers are gradually peeled back. Only as the story reaches its heart-pumping climax is the shocking truth revealed. Ravens Gathering will appeal to fans of tense and creepy reads, and those who enjoy complex stories that keep you guessing. Its blend of horror and fantasy is reminiscent of the works of Stephen King, Dean Koontz and Graham Masterton.

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