Published: 28/11/2016
ISBN: 9781785893889
Format: Paperback

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I really don't mind being known as the Mad Catwoman, which is just as well! I was Homing Officer for Cats Protection Woking Branch for nearly 30 years and found homes for thousands of waifs and strays... read more

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A Cuddle of Cats
Rhymes and Recollections
by Heather Cook

“I know that the correct collective noun for a gathering of cats is a ‘clowder’, but ‘cuddle’ seems so much more appropriate that I couldn’t resist using it in the title of this book. Sometimes, of course, a ‘spit’ of cats might be more fitting, or even an ‘eruption’, such as occurs every now and then on the sofa of an evening and results in much spillage of El Plonko...”

A Cuddle of Cats is a charming collection of poetry that captures cats in all their moods and peculiarities – not to mention a few human quirks along the way. There is Daisy the boy, for example, who rises above an identity crisis with enviable nonchalance; Portia, who manages to snatch a blissful existence from a dodgy start in life; the Persian spy, who dominates the Kremlin during the Cold War; the veterans of the Residents’ Lounge and many, many more.

Benjamin Wobble, a hero of earlier volumes, makes a welcome reappearance, as do Tiny Trixie-Tribble and Spitfire, the ageing wild cat who takes everything that is on offer with a heartwarmingly gracious grumble.

Most of the rhymes and recollections are amusing; a few touch upon the sadder consequences of loving things, but the book is, above all things, a celebration of the special relationships we enjoy with these fascinating creatures.

A Cuddle of Cats is a heartwarming collection that will make the perfect addition to any animal lover’s bookshelf.

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