Published: 28/08/2016
ISBN: 9781785893810
eISBN: 9781785896828
Format: Paperback/eBook

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David Tolfree MSc., F.Inst.P., CPhys., F.IoN. was the co-founder and Executive Director of Technopreneur Ltd, a consultancy company for the exploitation of micro-nanotechnology, established at Daresb... read more

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The Iraq Betrayals
by David Tolfree

Another Paul Cane political thriller set in the weeks preceding the Iraq War in 2003

Paul Cane, the international journalist, is sent to Iraq early in 2003 by a US magazine to write about the situation developing in the country. He finds himself again unwittingly caught up in the intrigues of British and American politics and their respective secret services after he agrees to act as unofficial agent to verify the existence of weapons of mass destruction. In the UK, Cane is drawn into mysteries surrounding the deaths of two biochemists, one of whom had been a UN weapons inspector in Iraq, and the theft of a deadly anthrax virus.

An MI6 agent, a friend of Paul Cane, disappears while on a mission in Israel investigating the sale of Russian-made atomic bombs thought to be destined for Iraq. The seller possesses a secret that could destroy the integrity of the British Prime Minister and the American and Russian Presidents. He escapes to Australia, hotly pursued by American and Russian agents.

An extreme right-wing group in Washington, which wants to extend the Iraq War, conspires to replace the US President. A mole in the UK Counter-Terrorist Group reveals Cane’s real mission to Iraq, forcing him to find an escape route from the country. He is helped by unexpected sources.

Does Paul Cane discover weapons of mass destruction in Iraq?

What happened to the stolen anthrax viruses?

What secret does the Russian possess?

Why does the group want to replace the US President?

Who are the sources helping Cane escape?

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Doctors David Tolfree and Alan Smith have put together a book on road mapping that is truly exceptional. They provide a reflective practitioner a set of ten chapters that truly discuss the road mapping phenomenon that has seem to rake off over the last 20 years as people seek to decrease technology risk in the firms, their economic regions and their industries. The book is well written and concise and provides the readers with many methods and examples of how to proceed. I urge any road mapping professional to obtain one.

Steve Walsh
Black professor of Entrepreneurship University of New Mexico
Past President MANCEF
Co-editor of the Fist Micro and Nano technology international roadmaps

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