Published: 28/10/2016
ISBN: 9781785893704
eISBN: 9781785896880
Format: Paperback/eBook

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Born in 1936 into a Scottish working class family, Robert was educated until the age of twelve, having basic learning skills drummed into him by constant repetion and strict discipline. Robert left s... read more

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Planet Two-Faced
by Robert Fallon

In short story and verse format, the humourous Planet Two Faced explores a range of present-day subjects of concern, from political upheaval and banking to litter louts.

A mix of both fact and fiction, the author frequently uses this work to offer advice to the younger generation and reflect on the society around us. In particular, Planet Two Faced includes an open letter to President Obama, published in 2009 and a tongue-in-cheek prediction of life in Britain by 2025. Robert uses his wealth of life experience as a son of a coal miner who went on to travel the world and mix with the most poorest and opulent people of his time to comment on the bizarre happenings of our planet.

Planet Two Faced is a truely fascinating read for those who are interested in observing the quirks of life.

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True stories from generations of a family tree and stories based on fact from experiences and observations of the author. The author was inspired by the life of his grandfather, a story of hardship when you worked or starved, sporting, fame, romance and service to the country and community. As well as the twenty stories the book also contains a few connected poems, photographs and a two character sketch. As the stories unwind, so does the British way of life through a range of government related issues. For decades liberal minded governments with intellectual arrogance have ignored the wishes of the electorate with broken promises and u-turns, a flawed benefits system, and uncontrolled immigration. Politically correct ignorance brought about the breakdown of discipline in homes and schools. Corruption and greed in high places , added fuel to the fire. Facts that led to the riots by the yob and steal society in 2011. These events lead to the end of government as we know it. By the year 2025 the country is governed from a derelict warehouse in Bradford. This book contains most aspects of life, romances, family dramas, matrimonial nightmares, heroism in war and peace ( the good, bad and ugly of national service) and political comedy told with a generous amount of humour and satirical wit.

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