Published: 28/09/2016
ISBN: 9780957306042
Format: Paperback

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Evidence-Based Deciphered Emotions
by James Reynolds

Evidence-Based Deciphered Emotions defines automated responses to perception: emotions! Contemporary research in affective science has made it possible to present unique and compelling evidence-based reading. Neuro-biological implications of emotions are explicitly drawn to show the link between perceptions and actions. Emotions are at the heart of evolution, for they are psycho-neuro-biological processes that have been bundled together to best adapt a person to act in specific earthly environments. Proven through aeons, emotions evolve to serve perception. Stagnant, they are not! Evolving, they are! As long as perception exists, there will be emotion.

Each emotion evolves to tackle a specific aspect of perception. As perceptions deepen, problems are more puzzling, for there is more data to interpret. A result of the accumulating knowledge from complex perceptions is emotions become more numerous. Each one tackles a specific set of events. The following pages describe over sixty of those reactions.

Throughout the book the depiction of physiological responses, such as facial expressions and body posture, are typically portrayed in their most intense form for the emotion in question. Less intense perceptions will cause the same expressions to be less pronounced. Any emotion can be felt at different strengths, and by describing the most intensely expressed features of an emotion the reader can easily imagine a milder form. The reverse is not so true.

Spread in chapters throughout the book are important philosophical insights about emotions in general – points that have consequence for more than one emotion. Chapters with a ‘Key’ beside them in the table of contents are considered to have such significance, for they contain information that allows the reader to make the affective realm more than the sum of its parts. Key chapters are principal chapters, for they’re considered important emotions to understand in themselves, but they also contain insights that set the stage for the reader to appreciate the larger mind-body architecture that emotions animate.

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