Published: 28/10/2016
ISBN: 9781785893452
eISBN: 9781785896491
Format: Paperback/eBook

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The Three Point Plan
by I.F. Godsland

“I was born ‘Anthony Booth’. Then at school I got sick of the kids teasing me by sounding the ‘th’ in ‘Anthony’ in a way that picked up on the ‘th’ in ‘Booth’ and gave out that I wanted to be called plain ‘Booth’...Then we moved to Ireland, where people were happy enough to call me ‘Booth’ but, with just a bit of the Irish on the ‘th’, it came out as ‘Boot’. I liked that, and told people ‘Boot’ would do me fine.”

Once upon a time, shortly after a prodigious financial crash, there was a ‘highly capitalised legacy-fling’ called Petswell MacHeath, which advertised itself as providing ‘original solutions for unconventional business problems’.

But in these difficult times, what could such a glossy new start-up possibly want with Anthony Booth, aka Boot, fresh out of juvenile detention and set to work as a gardener? And what could it be doing with Miff (“Social pays me and gives Pigswill Macbeth a retainer to keep me on”), and why would it want to recruit Boot’s gardener mate, Asbo (“I like thistles – you don’t argue with a thistle”)?

But, strangest of all, how can it be that Petswell MacHeath leaves it entirely up to these three inexperienced social leftovers to develop a business plan of unsurpassed sophistication? By the time these questions are answered, only one question will remain: will Boot, Miff and Asbo be able to save Civilisation As We Know It?

Along the way, humour, comedy, farce and satire vie with each other in a story of ultimately epic proportions. Boot: The Three Point Plan will appeal to those looking for a hilarious romp that will keep you guessing.

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