Published: 28/09/2016
ISBN: 9781785893216
Format: Hardback

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Charlie Berridge (If you're really interested, here is his life far) Berridge grew up, eventually, wanting to be a farmer or a soldier or a poet; or all three. From the age of eight... read more

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Nude Commute
by Charlie Berridge and Hannah Carding

‘There’s room for nearly everyone like clothes hung out to dry
swinging from the overheads and standing eye to eye.
Martin has got used to it and the pungent nasal wave
of different body odours and ghastly aftershave.'

Nude Commute is the every day tale of Martin as he travels to and from work.The middle-aged Englishman is the menswear buyer for a chain of high street fashion stores and like those around him, he endures his daily sojourn with stoic resolve. But there is one subtle difference to Martin’s routine. No one seems to be wearing any clothes. Every one is naked. Is this real or is it a figment of his imagination? This quirky tale is the first in a series of Nude Pursuits where no wear appears to be the rule of the day. The cartoon drawings coupled with their rhyming words will take the reader on a familiar journey but one that strips bare the trappings and wrappings of normality. Underneath, we all nude commute!

Nude Commute is the first in a series of books to feature Martin’s exploits and follows on from an hilarious strip cartoon featured in the glossy Fieldsports magazine where Martin has been conducting his country Nude Pursuits. Real or a trip of the imagination, that’s for the reader to decide as Nude Commute exposes some naked truths.

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Simon Mayo and his three word Thursday feature mentioned "NUDE COMMUTE PUBLISHED" on 29th September which won the entry for the day!

Full page feature in Autumn edition of Highlights (the latest books from Matador).

Book signing at Hunting Raven Books (now part of Winston's books) in Cheap Street Frome as a part of the monthly Independent Market held in the town on Sunday 2nd October

BBC Radio Bristol interview by Steve Yabsley at lunchtime on Monday 3rd October between 12 and 2.

Launch party at the Wheatsheaf, Combe Hay, Bath on Friday October 7th with invited guests and gate crashers enjoying signing & dining experience from 6.30 pm onwards. Great nude themed menu including Cockfosters terrine and of course, meat and two veg.

Follow NUDE COMMUTE on Facebook.

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"Once in a blue moon , a book comes along that everyone talks abut. Nude Commute is one such and it will become de rigueur for book sellers and readers to grasp a copy from where ever they can and top up on the phenomenon. Whether real or imaginary , the simple story of a commuter travelling to and from work in the nude will tickle those particular taste buds and without any offence, give opportunity for reflective thought. Nude Commute will become that required illustrated and rhyming tome found in all the bst downstairs loos"


"Quintessential, original, quirky, English humour."

by Kerena Bishop

Now enjoying the book, it's funny, clever, observant , and entertaining to read. Good Christmas present fodder. I recommend it to anyone.

Geoff Sharp

by Geoff Sharp

One definitely for the Christmas stocking - a very funny read from Charlie Berridge and Hannah Carding. Had a great book launch at The Wheatsheaf, Combe Hay (Bath) on Friday... only just recovered!

Geoffrey Wheating

by Geoffrey Wheating

Fantastic book, great read, brilliant characters and is highly recommended!

Buy the book and you won't put it down!

by Chris Hocken

Christmas is coming and I cannot think of a more apposite gifty book for my man than Nude Commute. Hey! He spends half his life commuting and the other half naked ,well almost. I loved it and he will too! Full marks for originality.

by Sara Bickerstaff

I thought you might like some real reader feedback on the Nude Commute, from an avid bookworm aged 82 !

“The book is outrageously funny and highly original – a signed copy too! Sitting down on Boxing Day morning with a mug of strong coffee at hand, I read it non – stop and was laughing so loudly that I feared the neighbours would be complaining !!”

My Mother really appreciated it, so thank you for that.

by Mrs Hirons


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