Published: 28/08/2016
ISBN: 9781785892790
Format: Paperback

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Stuart grew up against his will and has never fully recovered from the experience. Since then he has travelled all over the British isles working as an outdoor instructor for many years and discovere... read more

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The Catchers
by Stuart J Kent

Have you been waiting for a magical story that’s funny, exciting, intriguing and looks good on your bookshelf? Wait no longer!

Follow the funniest adventure of a lifetime with twelve-year-old Jamie Ellebert and his new-found magical friends. After meeting a small group of wizards, and one teenage witch, Jamie goes with them on a grand adventure to a magical other world...

Their adventure starts as they track down lost mythical creatures, but things take a sinister turn when a dark wizard crosses their path. Soon Jamie and his new friends Colin, Trixie and Marty find themselves trapped in a race against time to find out what this terrifying evil wizard is up to! Who is he? What ominous plans does he have? And does this brave band of young adventurers stand any chance of stopping him?

The Catchers isn’t just a funny, fantastical adventure, however – it is also a handy guide that you can use should you suddenly find yourself in a magical world. You will learn invaluable tips which may be your keys to survival, such as why you should never run with a wand in your hand, why goggles are essential when riding on a cart, and whether or not ducks can be trusted!

If you want a book full of magical spells that are easy to say, Kung Fu fighting trees, angry gnomes, singing chameleons, well-dressed ice-cream salesmen and a dragon named Spot, as well as an action packed story that will also have you laughing until you cry, then The Catchers will be your cup of tea!

The Catchers will appeal to all future magical adventurers aged 12-16.

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The Catchers is my first book, and I hope to eventually publish more in time.
On my Facebook page, TheCatchersTeathorpebranch: I have pictures of the characters, magical creatures and short tales from Trixie's diary.

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