Published: 28/08/2016
ISBN: 9781785892486
eISBN: 9781785897535
Format: Paperback/eBook

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A Shadowing of Angels
In the World of Intelligence, Nothing is Quite What it Seems
by W.T Delaney

“Sam knew that this was what she had trained for; thousands of rounds of live training ammunition, SAS and DHU instructors, and countless repetitions of likely hostile encounters known as ‘situation awareness training’, just clicked in...”

A Shadowing of Angels unfolds in the murky and dangerous world of covert intelligence collection and the ‘Circuit’; the name given to London-based private military companies. Set in contemporary times, this adrenaline-filled novel highlights the Western world’s struggle against the Islamic State, both in the West and in Iraq.

Samantha Holloway, a highly trained and effective Intelligence Corps and Special Forces Captain, suffers a serious setback when an agent handling operation in Helmand Province, Afghanistan, goes drastically wrong with life and career changing implications for Sam. People died and Sam paid; she therefore finds herself a team leader on a ‘Circuit’ mission. An American hostage has been snatched by ISIS and she must now lead her team of military contractors in a daring rescue attempt that will push her abilities to the limit. In their multicontinental search, spanning from London through to Iraqi Kurdistan, her team finally reaches into the ‘heart of darkness’ ­– the Iraqi town of Mosul and the areas of Iraq currently controlled by Daesh...

A Shadowing of Angels is written as a tribute to, and in recognition of, the debt owed to both Britain’s Special Forces and Security Services, who continue to patrol the evil shadows cast by terrorism to help keep Britain safe. It will appeal to those with an interest in military fiction.

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This book reeks of authenticity and deep knowledge. Like all good authors Delaney demonstrates how close fiction can be to reality. Like great authors such as Fredrick Forsyth Delaney leads the reader into a dangerous world rarely seen or even reported on. Only those who have had in theater exposure , such as are portrayed in this very readable novel, can write about it with such accuracy and honesty. This is a "can't put it down" read about one of the world's most difficult environments. DH

by DH

Simply could not put it down.... Delaney has managed to infuse fact with fiction in the most entertaining and thought provoking book on the murky World of counter terrorism I have read for years! A truly brilliant read.

by Rory McCallum

A fantastic read from start to finish. I hope there are more to follow!

by DNT

A great read - you are there in the thick of it - a prophetic and mind blowing account of just what we feel and never see - well done - brilliant!

by Brain William Thomas

I have read the first book and cannot wait for the second one to be
published. It's truly gripping. Well done to W.T. Delaney the
author of "Shadowing of Angels".

by Patricia Morris

Current and well thought out. The attention to detail is immense, you could actually be there as part of the team. It is obvious that Delaney has written this book with authority. Looking forward to reading the next one and hopefully of many. SM

by Sean "Snatch" Mckeown

A cracking read with events, characters and a story which make this book difficult to put down. It may be fiction, but it won't take long to realise this book has been written with tactical knowledge and an understanding of how service personnel click, think and work as a team. The story flows effortlessly from chapter to chapter making it a very easy read. I was gutted when I finished it. Hopefully there will be another.

by Mac McLennan

Gripping from the start,made me think about what a hell it must have been for all our forces deployed there.Cant wait for the film.

by Paul Sheaves


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